Welcome to the Wildlife Damage Management Image Database

Wildlife Damage and its mitigation is a diverse and fascinating field. Included in this collection are images showing damage situations, the animals involved in damage, and tools and methods to prevent or control damage.

This site is the result of the cooperative effort between The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management and The USDA/National Wildlife Research Center.

All of the photos are copyright free and can be used for presentations, publications and media reports provided the photos are credited with our url (http://icwdm.org) or the letters ICWDM/NWRC.

Publication quality versions of these photos (300 dpi) can be made available to those who register with the site. Learn more

Photos are chosen for the database on the basis of several factors

We are always looking for appropriate damage photos. If you have some that you are willing to donate, we hope you will contact us.

If you are unable to view the image gallery please see the information provided under Troubleshooting.

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management is a non-profit grant funded site that provides research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.

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